Primeiro Fascículo

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Primeiro Fasciculo

Primeiro Fascículo: Erro Universal – Núcleo de Investigação

Last week we launched the PRIMEIRO FASCÍCULO project organized by the Observatório Paralaxe project after a few months of in-and-out-of-zoom conversations, studio visits and lots of sharing.

PRIMEIRO FASCÍCULO is an edition about the practice of 20 artists in the city of Porto/Portugal.
We launched this publication about the project ‘O Cerne da Questão‘ that I have been developing since 2015, with some photographs of the visit to the atelier and texts by my great partner Ícaro Lira.

There is a booklet dedicated to each of the 20 artists, with texts about their studio practices and a poster piece.
Publications can be purchased by contacting the Parallax Observatory or directly at Bardo Creative Ground.

Sala 6 – my studio, is always open for visitors. Just text me to visit me there!

+ About the PRIMEIRO FASCÍCULO project:
Creation and Executive Production Erro Universal – Núcleo de Investigação
Photographs Carlos Campos
Design Paulo Miguel Mariz

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