Orlando Vieira Francisco is a visual artist and researcher (i2ADS). Brazilian, he has lived and worked in Porto, Portugal, since 2012. After graduating from civil engineering in 2018, he completed a Ph.D. in Art and Design at FBAUP. He investigated how authoritarian policies are present in urban infrastructure, symbolic monumentalities and institutional structures. In 2014, he held an MA in Art and Design for the Public Space on political expressions of multitudes in public space.

He is an integrated junior researcher at the Research Institute in Art, Design and Society (i2ADS), Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (FBAUP), where he’s responsible for the management of different projects and a member of the editorial board of HUB – Journal of Research in Art, Design and Society. He is also a member of the research group The Spatial Cluster (linked to the European Forum of Advanced Practices). He participated in the Municipal Ateliers program organized by the Porto City Council between 2020 and 2023.

He works in different art and political collectives in Portugal, Austria, Belgium and Brazil. Recently, he has been working on coordinating the transnational project “From the Top of the Mountains We Can See Invisible Monuments” (FCT – CEEC 5th Edition ). He works within the themes of the production of social space between art and politics, the landscape as a concept of constant change, and practices of environmental and social activism.

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Academic CV

2018 //Ph.D. in Art and Design. FBAUP / Porto, Portugal.
2014 // MA in Art and Design. FBAUP / Porto, Portugal.
2011 // BA of Civil Engineering. PUCPR / Curitiba, Brazil.

Past Exhibitions and Art Residencies

_ “E lá no fundo, o que é que tem”, Festival Alkantara, Lisboa, Portugal, 2023.
_ “From the Top of Mountains We Can See Invisible Monuments”, artistic residency, wpZimmer, Antwerp, Belgium, 2023.
_“Compulsive Desires: The Extraction of Lithium and Rebellious Mountains”, collective exhibition, Galeria Municipal, Porto, Portugal, 2023.
_”Valise Carton“, collective exhibition, Guimarães, Portugal, 2022.
_ “It’s already night / no light above the horizon”, artistic residency, Samenschool, Antwerp, Belgium, 2021.
_“Seeds and Multitude – Genova 2001 20 years after”, artistic residency, Fisga Space, Porto, Portugal, 2021.
_”Do Alto da Montanha Pode-se Ver Monumentos Invisíveis”, Satellite program of the Porto Design Biennale, 2019.
_”Aparelho“, collective exhibition, Maus Hábitos, Porto, Portugal, 2019.
_”Cave Canem“, Ph.D. Exhibition, FBAUP Museum, Porto, 2018.
_”Incerta Desambiguação“, collective exhibition, Galeria Zaratan, Lisbon, 2017.

Talks, Readings and Classes

_ “Matchundadi: Gender, Performance and Political Violence in Guinea-Bissau” by Joacine Katar Moreira, for Leituras Feministas, FBAUP, Porto, 2021.
_”Arte e Ação Ativista“, for Estudos da Arte Moderna e Contemporânea em Licenciatura em Artes Plásticas, FBAUP, Porto, 2019.
_”Do Alto da Montanha Pode-se Ver Monumentos Invisíveis”, Satellite program of the Porto Design Biennale, 2019.
_”Barragem, rebentamento, contaminação e resistência“, The Oblique Think Tank #1, Porto, 2019.
_”Descolonizando a Cartografia nas Artes Visuais através do Ativismo Ambiental“, colóquio “A imaginação do futuro. Saberes, experiências, alternativas”, Centro de Estudos Sociais da Universidade de Coimbra, 2018.
_”Além do Arquivo“, colóquio “Arte pública na era da criatividade digital”, Universidade Católica, Porto, 2017.
_”Art and Activism“, Espaço T, Porto, 2015.

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